Organizing Committee

PyData is organized in full by volunteers. Are you interested in helping out? Contact us at or come visit any of the staff at a meetup or conference.

The committee currently consists of the following people:

Conference chairs

  • Jane Adams

    Executive Chair

    Jane works at Two Sigma, where her job is to think about how data fail and how to deal with it. When she’s not doing that, she’s making sourdough or ceramics.

  • Diego Torres Quintanilla

    Executive Chair

    Diego builds data science tools and infrastructure at Two Sigma. He was born and raised in Mexico, loves to volunteer as a teacher and read fiction.

  • Matthijs Brouns

    Executive Vice-Chair

    Matthijs is the Data Science lead at Xccelerated where he trains junior Data Scientists. He joined the PyData Amsterdam committee as chair in 2019

  • Sanket Verma

    Executive Vice-Chair

    Sanket works at Dunnhumby as a Research Data Scientist where he builds data science tools and is also Organizer of PyData Delhi. He loves to play the violin, computer games and sometimes think of saving the world!

Conference committee

  • Sunil Ale

    Sunil is a Computer Science undergraduate at The City College of New York. He wants to work as Data Scientist in the future.

  • Marco Bonzanini

    Marco is a Data Science consultant and trainer based in London (UK), organiser of PyData London

  • Pamela Bustamante

    Pamela Bustamante is a second-year PhD student at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, affiliated to the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. Her research focuses on mixed integer programming, game theory and computational complexity.

  • Nicole Carlson

    Nicole is a Data Science Manager at ShopRunner. She's passionate about building diverse and inclusive teams.

  • Thomas Caswell

    Thomas is a soft-matter physicist who develops software for scientists. He is the current Project Lead of Matplotlib.

  • Chetan Chawla

    Chetan is a data analyst and an astrophysics enthusiast. He builds stuff to solve real world problems, loves space and plays piano.

  • Harshita Diddee

    Harshita is a CS undergrad, passionate about contributing to work in the field of privacy-preserving artificial intelligence, specifically, Federated Learning.

  • Ceora Ford

    Ceora is a software engineer based in Philadelphia. She's passionate about Python, AWS, education, and diversifying tech. She's had the pleasure of teaching with Kode With Klossy, BSD Education, and more recently, When she's not coding, she's usually watching movies and pretending to be a film critic.

  • Alexander CS Hendorf

    Alexander is a Python Software Foundation fellow and board member of the German Python Softwareverband. He's a regular speaker about data and AI and has worked on many conferences in the past as EuroSciPy or EuroPython, currently he is one of the chairs of PyConDE & PyData Berlin. Alexander is one of the partners and head of Data Science & AI at the consultancy Königsweg.

  • Cheuk Ting Ho

    After having a career in data science, Cheuk now brings her knowledge in data and passion for the tech community into TerminusDB as the developer relations lead. Cheuk constantly contributes to the open-source community by giving free tutorials on Twitch and organize sprints to encourage diversity contributions.

  • Conrad Ho

    Conrad is a partner at PythonAnywhere, a startup hoping to democratize access to programming via an online platform to write and run Python code. He is a PyData London organiser, surfer, photographer, chess player.

  • Motasim Rahman Kazmi

    Motasim is a CS undergrad and a full stack developer who loves data. He is an Intel Software Innovator and currently on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities. He also helps in organizing PyData Delhi meetups and conferences.

  • AJ Khan

    Automation Engineer @ Dega Systems, Organizer @ The New York Python Meetup, and always up to solve problems with tech.

  • Rakshit Kharbanda

    Rakshit Kharbanda is an undergrad pursuing Bachelors of Technology in Electronics. He is a Tech-Enthusiast who takes a keen interest in Robotics & Designing.

  • Rinchen Lama

    Rinchen is an undergrad at Hunter College pursuing a CS degree. He is a career driven individual on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities.

  • Matti Lyra

    Matti is an Applied Scientist at Zalando building software and machine learning solutions to extract actionable insights from multilingual text data.

  • Abdulelah Al Mesfer

    Abdul is an optimization engineer at Aramco and a soon-to-be graduate student. He is passionate about operations research, NLP, computational social science, and motorsports.

  • Sebastian Neubauer

    Sebastian joined Blue Yonder as a Data Scientist after completing his PhD in physics. One of the first things Sebastian learned on the job is that it takes a lot more than just a Jupyter notebook to deliver value to customers. Sebastian was one of the main organizers of the PyCon.DE & PyData 2017 & 2018 in Karlsruhe and has been a member of the PyCon.DE organizers committee since then.

  • Sandrine Pataut

    Maths teacher turned Data Scientist, Sandrine is using her Maths and technical knowledge to solve problems. Passionate about learning, teaching and inclusivity in Tech. Enjoy discovering, sport & outdoor, cooking, knitting, ...

  • Aaron Richter

    Aaron is a Senior Data Scientist at Saturn Cloud, and co-organizer of PyData Miami. He works to make other data scientists faster and happier!

  • John Sandall

    John Sandall is CEO at Coefficient. We're a full-stack data science consultancy & training company. We can build your ETL/analytics/ML solutions or teach you how to do it for yourself.

  • Dean Silfen

    Dean Silfen works at Peloton building products to make people happier and healthier. Enjoys leveraging technology to make everybody's life a bit easier.

  • Lauren Oldja

    Lauren is a Data Scientist and a Director at Don't Use This Code. She enjoys getting out the vote and hiking with her daughter's Girl Scout troop.

  • Ian Ozsvald

    Ian is an Interim Chief Data Scientist, Coach and Teacher. He co-founded PyDataLondon (11k members), builds strategic plans for companies, co-authored High Performance Python (2nd ed, O'Reilly), teaches Higher Performance Python, Successful Data Science Projects and Software Engineering for Data Scientists. He likes Springer Spaniels and fine coffee.

  • Nancy Woo

    Nancy works at CVS Health, where she serves as a product manager and strategist to utilize data to shift people’s behaviors and make members healthier. In her free time, she enjoys traveling (not during a pandemic), learning, and watching sports.